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BFC Can Help Your Business Grow in Good Times Or Bad
Making Your Business Recession-Proof
Illustration: A marketing manager goes over a balance sheet, analyzing the success of her latest advertising campaign.
[1] Reaching Consumers
Who Have Money to Spend

Most retail businesses can anticipate some degree of "bottom line shrinkage" during any economic downturn, whether such downturn is called a "recession" or "depression" or "market correction" or some new term the politicians and pundits haven't even thought of yet.

Markets go up and down, like any other cyclical process. Markets fluctuate regularly, and many consumers do tend to curtail their spending if they perceive that the markets are falling – or might be in danger of falling.

They're not broke, or stupid. Just a bit cautious. And many are afraid to spend an extra penny until they are confident that the economy is improving again.

So if your regular customers haven't been buying as much lately, don't just sit there, or you might end up going out of business while waiting for the "regulars" to return.

If you want your business to survive and grow, you need to keep prospecting for more customers all the time, regardless of fluctuations in the economy! We can help with that.

Recession-Proofing Your Business:

Want to make your business "recession-proof"? It's really not that difficult. All you and your business need to do is to locate and attract as many customers as you can who:
have stable incomes;
have disposable incomes (i.e., money to spend), even in a financial downturn; and
want to buy (and can afford to buy) those products or services your business sells.

That Sounds Easy Enough ... So Where and How Do I Find Those People???

That's the purpose of advertising: To find your business qualified sales prospects. And if you want to generate new business quickly, we highly recommend Internet advertising, which has rapidly become the most effective – and cost-effective – advertising medium in history.

In the past, most advertising venues, whether print media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) or electronic media (TV and radio), targeted a "mass market." The vast majority of Americans, whether in big cities or small towns, read the same publications, listened to the same radio stations, and watched the same programs on television. Most media was "mass media" — whether most Americans happened to like what was being offered, or not ...

And suddenly (at least it seemed like "suddenly") communication technology exploded!

And the old "mass media" which had previously offered limited choices to consumers – and provided limited advertising venues for business – began rapidly expanding to meet the needs of consumers with a multitude of diverse "special interests."

Something for Everybody ... and Then Some!

Suddenly, "one size fits all" had become "any size (or style) you can possibly imagine" to accommodate consumers of every demographic and every area of interest. Instead of 12 lipstick colors, maybe 100 colors were available. Instead of maybe 5 or 6 local TV stations, hundreds of stations were available on local cable or satellite dish services ... or online.

Consumers suddenly had more choices in the marketplace than at any previous time in history.
And at the forefront of the technology explosion, the World Wide Web was leading the way.

Today's Internet advertising is [A] relatively inexpensive; [B] quick and easy to edit or update; and [C] immediate and personal to reach each segment of your target market.

The next page includes a brief historical discussion of the development of the Internet. And on the next few pages, we discuss how effective use of Internet advertising can boost your sales, thereby helping to recession-proof your business. Some of the statistics may surprise you.

Our previous article, "Thriving in the Shadow of Recession" discusses effective marketing strategies for business survival – and even growth – during economic fluctuations.

If you missed it, you might want to go back and check it out after you're done here.

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